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Hi Martin,
I was a jnr/sparks on the Sir William Walker (GSMX) in November 1966 through February 1967. Cant remember the chiefs name but he was pretty old in those days. I remember calling Stevie Clarks office in Leith/Grangemouth to see what time she was sailing for Shoreham and was told 12 o'clock, thinking it was noon the next day I stayed overnight with some friends in Leith and turned up the next day and the 'Walker" was gone on her merry way without me. So went back to Leith and caught a bus that night from Edinburgh to London then another bus to Brighton and a local to Shoreham where I had beaten the 'Walker' to the power station. Her sister ship was in port so explained to them what had happened much to their enjoyment and promptly went ashore with some the guys to the local pub. Slept on the couch in the mess and rejoined the 'Walker' at about 3 am as she had come in while I was asleep. The ch/sparks tore me up one side and down the other but didn't report me but it took awhile for the jokes to subside. Had lots of great times at the Top Rank ballroom in Brighton as well. Happy happy days.

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