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That story reminded me of when I was A/Steward on the Gosport,the ship had docked in Middlesborough and the watch ashore,and me, spent the weekend on Tyneside.On returning the lot of us were on the same train,and the C/E and I were in the same compartment.As the train pulled out of Eaglesham we saw the rest of the crew standing on the platform staring at us,the 2/E pointing at us and yelling "Shorthand Money!"Nobody told us to change at Eaglesham!
We went back to N Shields for another night,the Chief to his wife and me to"The Jungle",travelling down to Shoreham the next day! If I had been on my own I'm pretty sure I'd have been sacked,or at least logged,but then the Old Man would have to Log the C/E as well.
I'll never forget old ""wots-his-name"!!!
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