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Originally Posted by IanAnnand View Post
Hello all from CP Ships past.. My name is Ian Annand, I am the son of Malcolm Annand, he was a chief engineer at CP Ships until he was made redundant circa 1986.. I think his last ship was Fort Toronto shortly after the Falklands War had ended, he also served on the GA Walker, Fort Colouge/Port Hawkesbury.. does anyone remember him please? He died from terminal cancer in November 1990, still much missed.. Best wishes, Ian.
Hello Ian

I was in Fort Toronto in the FI from Feb to Jun 1983 with the Naval Comms Party 1750. I do remember your dad, a pleasant fellow and easy to get along with. Brian Sanderson was the Captain, he relieved Captain John Hume who was a very young Captain of some 28 years.They made me welcome onboard their ship. Sad to know your father has been taken from you so early in his life.


R Thomson

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