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Originally Posted by Paul Braxton View Post
GW3OQK: Hi from NZ (assume you are in UK?)

I'm not getting as much activity on 14MHz either, come to that. 7MHz ham stuff is down, but still something there after dark. I reckon it could be the set itself in my case, as it has an unknown pedigree and of quite an age, by the look of it. When I bought it off a guy, he had it sitting on his garage floor, covered in dust, etc., but it came up beautifully after a clean. Worked well for the four or five years I've had it, but no spares to try out different RF valves now.
Thanks for your comments.

Sparks69: not sure if you're winding me up, but it may not be in reply to my post.

I'm not sure, in fact I don't know, what SDR refers to online? Maybe you're referring to that post?

No not a wind up sorry if it came out that way.
I was a radio op for 20 years and in that time 22/26 MHz came & went. 17Mhz was the best for Dx during the day. With the single man watch keeping (2 on 2 off then off all night) HF was to me an unreliable method of long range communication. Yes it worked but nothing like the Sat Com I had for the last 3 weeks of my R/O career !
Someone must have plotted the effectiveness of 17/22/25 MHz from the time it started to be used to the end of the R/O era.
I would be interested in that.

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