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Originally Posted by mary75 View Post
In April 1949, the Canadian Seamens’ Union declared a strike against the shipping companies. The S.I. U. headed by Hal Banks, (a gangster brought up from New York) were hired instead of C.S.U. The strike had world-wide repercussions. London docks were affected, and the British Parliament met. Members of the C.S.U. were blacklisted and our merchant navy virtually destroyed. It was the time of McCarthyism in the States, and C.S.U. members were labeled “Commies.” The Canadian government and the R.C.M.P. were complicit. There is an excellent book about this by Jim Green:
Against the tide: The story of the Canadian Seamen's Union: Jim Green. i see by your link that you've already read the background on this matter.
thanks for that, I know a bit about that but I will have to look for that book, Paddy McDonnell.
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