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Originally Posted by DAVELECKIE View Post
Just said hello and left details on the welcome forum.
My name is Dave Edworthy, was a Leckie on BP Tankers for the period above, would love to hear from any former shipmates from that period.

Hi Dave, Just got a picture from my son in Ottawa who was browign the net, which shows you, the 4th engineer Audrey Wilson ( R/O wife ) and me Dave Wilson ( R/O) It was taken when we were just heading into the Western Gap in Toronto Harbour.

We now live in Oakville Ontario, about 16Km from Toronto where I have a marine electronics business.

Fantastic to see that photo - reminds me that the 4th always wrote in cupboards, lockers and any hiding place " its a mugs game" - it sure wasn't.

I remember you well. You went down to see Niagara falls and took my missus - I had to stay and wait for a magnetron for the radar which never showed,

Regards Dave, Dave [email protected]
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