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my list of C craft that i have found up to date

C craft
C1 Coal depot Portsmouth
C2 (vigilant) tug GT 115 IHP340 Portsmouth
C3 steam launch
C3 tug Portsmouth
C4 (LATE ONWARD)Derrick towing lighter capacity 400 Tons GT 385 IHP 340 Rosyth
C5 derrick towing lighter capacity 120 tons GT 160 IHP 200 Portsmouth
C6 derrick towing lighter capacity 120 Tons GT 160 IHP 250 Portsmouth
C7 (late rapid ) lighter capacity 300Tons Chatham
C8 stores carrier
C9 (West Acre) single screw tug NS dept Portsmouth
C10 (ex Ruby ) coal hulk
C10 ( Destiny )single screw diesel tug NS dept Portsmouth
C11( regard ) single screw tug NS dept Portsmouth
C12 steam coaling lighter
C15 steam launch Portsmouth
C23(minerva m33) self propelled lighter Sheerness
C26 sullage barge
C61 (late Salvo) tug GT 287 IHP 275 Rosyth
C62 (late Hallgarth) tug GT74 IHP240 Devonport
C63 (late Magpie) tug Devonport
C64 (c61 Rosa )self propelled coal lighter capacity 500 Tons Rosyth
C64 tug foremost Devonport
C65(c22 Nora)self propelled coal lighter capacity 500Tons Rosyth
C66 ( AS 41) steam barge Devonport
C67 steam launch Devonport
C83 (late x207) motorlighter Devonport
C84 (late x223) motor lighter Devonport
C85 Stores carrier
C102 (late Stobo Castle) tug GT 271 IHP 980 Devonport
C107 steam pinnace Sheerness
C108 (late Flamer ) tug GT 124 IHP 250 Sheerness
C109 (agincourt) coal depot Sheerness
C 111 (late Toxteth) tug 150 Tons IHP 550 Sheerness
C112 ( late Marmion ) tug 100 Tons IHP140 Sheerness
C113 tug Sheerness
C114 lighter capacity 125 Tons GT 240 IHP 250 Sheerness
C129 single screw diesel tug NS dept Devonport
C134 (as 40 ) steam lighter Sheerness
C150 (late Carbon) tug 185 Tons IHP 280 Portland
C151 tug Portland
C152 steam lighterfor lub oils Rosyth-Sheerness
C166 (late X 162 )motor lighter for lub oils Portland
C210 ( late Victory) tug IIHP 310 Malta
C211 (late Neptune ) tug IHP 149 Malta
C212 (late x31) motor lighter for oil fuel Malta
C214 (late x111) motor lighter for oil fuel Malta
C307 steam tug Malta
C308 steam tug Malta
C320 ( late Welshman) tug 92 Tons IHP250 NSdept Gibraltar
C371 (late Scotsman) tug 172 Tons IHP 300 Simonstown
C372 tug IHP 85 Simonstown
C405 single screw tug NS dept Trincomalee
C406 steam pinnace/tug 11 Tons IHP 80 NS dept Hong Kong
C407 oil brage Wuku Yangtse
C409 (late Sir William Jervoise )tug Hong Kong
C410 tug Hong Kong
C450 steam launch Singapore
C451 lighter Singapore
C505 ( late AS 139 )tug Rosyth
C508 steam launch Rosyth
C509 (late x219) motor lighter for oil fuel Rosyth
C510 fuel lighter Rosyth
C604 self propelled fuel lighter 525grt Devonport
C605 self propelled fuel lighter 525 grt Portsmouth/Chatham
C606 self propelled fuel lighter 525grt Malta/Chatham
C609 selfpropelled fuel lighter 525grt Portsmouth/Rosyth
C614 store
C616 stores carrier 185dwt Portsmouth ?
C617 stores carrier
C618 single srew tug NS dept Sheerness
C619 stores carrier 187dwt Portsmouth
C620 stores carrier 185dwt portsmouth
C621 store carrier
C622 oil tanker
C625 self propelled coal lighter 351 Tons Greenock /ns Devonport
C632 stores carrier
C642 stores carrier
C648 lube oi tanker
C668 ( vic 96 ) stores puffer
C675 (vic 77) vic/puffer Portsmouth
C710 ( x 224 ) motor lighter
C768 (lady jane ) tug Malta

many thanks to all those who have posted pictures of said craft on here and other sites it's not perfect but just shows how large the old service was
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