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TIF to JPEG on W10


Probably teaching you all to suck eggs, but I found the way to change TIF files to JPEG ones. (Thanks Wiki! )

I don't know why, but the converter is hidden away in the "Paint" program.

Right click on the downloaded TIF picture, select "OPEN WITH" and select "PAINT" Click "OKAY" Then click "NEXT" Hover over "SAVE AS" Move over to the right drop down click on "JPEG PICTURE" To put the picture in the folder of your choice. I usually add an additional letter to the file to keep original picture files away from ones I've tinkered.

I have a new W10, won't accept many of my old DVD discs.
Plus my new computer didn't come with a CD/DVD (D) Drive, so I had to buy an external drive to run whatever old programs I can run.

Another thing they've removed!! Custards!!
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