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I sailed with Rusty as skipper on the Anchorman for 3 days, I was on the Bridgeman in Milford and was sent across to the Anchorman to take her to some small port in Southern Ireland, can't remember its name (May have been New Ross), apparently the deck crew were all ill. I seem to remember them taking a considerable amount of 'medication' during the trip, it was the second of Jan when I joined! I also did a couple of weeks on the Tillerman in June 1980, as a relief for the second mate who's wife was expecting, joined in Carrickfergus, Captain was Everette, can't remember his first name.
I remember Peter Marris. I also remember Brian Porter from the office, he gave me the cadetship and he also helped me when I left, giving me relief work and also technical information on the Centaurman for my degree dissertation.
I also sailed with Franky Crask, he used to let me take the Bridgman into Eastham Locks when I was a Cadet, very good ship handler. I sailed with Bob Ord, the Roadrunner, Terry Frith when he was mate, I also sailed with Gordon Coates and was sorry to here of his death.
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