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I have no doubt that Texaco were working to a very tight budget and screwed the yard down. The Texaco Great Britain had many fractures on her shell plating in No 1 Port Tank making more than a few calls at Capetown in ballast to repair. We had trouble with the Horse Shoe doublers in the Ballast tanks. She had a major structural failure in her port permanent ballast tank and had to be towed to the scrap yard on her final voyage. I was Master of her for a few years and once I learned how to handle her she was OK but she was hard work for all concerned. The main problems were design faults especially the Weir Pacific cargo valves and the hydraulic controls. I could go on and on but it was not the ship builders but the system that made the problems. The Bridge Wings had to have support posts built on her maiden voyage - the engines were good I must say and never once gave me a problem apart from the Bridge Control never working.
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