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Originally Posted by Marconi Sahib View Post
The first time I was on her was 1971, Fred. I joined in Lisbon in June 1971 which would be 2nd annual drydock. As far as I can remember there wasn't an awful lot wrong.
The second trip I did was March to July 1977 and by that time she was a bit of a mess with all the problems I mentioned before. I assume by then that she was out of warranty.
The drydock was a heavy one that included almost total replacement of a lot of capital equipment like radars and other nav gear. Also a very thorough de-sludging.
I have heard that she spent 4 months in Capetown when the rudder failed. I think that may have been after 1977.
I also heard that the Hibernia suffered bad cracking on her maiden voyage.

I joined her just out of drydock and she still was not right we limped across the indian ocean due to engine problems picked up parts off the African coast can't remember which port. then we had an oilspill whilst loading which I believe was down to a stuck valve.
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