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Originally Posted by Tony Drury View Post
Challenging questions! from my memory (and that is not all that reliable) and from articles in 'The Bank Line' regarding the building of hull 907 (Troutbank);

1. Hatches on the main deck will be direct pull throughout by the Velle derricks. I seem to think we used to hand jack near the wheel and turned them and then dropped the cover onto the coaming. (The days of turning the wheels with a bar, then removing a pin to turn the wheels up before dropping the lids were receding - the covers where becoming too heavy)

2.Tween deck hatches are partly wire operated MacGreggor hatches and partly slab hatches (1, 2 and 5). Seem to think that the wire pulled hatches were also direct hooked to the Velles? Do not remember them having wires being lead to a winch?
Hello Tony,

Thanks for your input. I don't have memories of turning the wheels on the main deck hatches, as I recall when the panels reached the right position there was a dip in the trackway which the wheels lowered themselves into; the rest of the panel seated directly onto the sealing packing.

For the tween deck folding panels my brain is beginning to recall that the Velle hook was connected to the pulling wire via a small trunkway on the masthouse but I can't be certain this is right.
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