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Woolverstone routines

Originally Posted by 2newfie View Post
Our dorm monitor a chap called "Apples"Hepworth was one of those buglers.We were in Foretop Division.One of us newbies had to get up and open the window by his bed so that he could sound "Reveille" and "Showers" without leaving the warmth of his bed.
I remember the name.

I ended up in charge of 12 Dorm and from memory the 'new' lads were 11 yrs old? Can recall some of the names - Gilbert, Day, Evans. Day was a tubby lad.

My claim to fame was the daily task of hoisting the flag at the morning Divisions. and was assisted by a boy called White.

Presumably you had a few years in civilian clothes, and later had a career starting at sea?

Cheers/Alan Rawlinson
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