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Woolverstone names

Originally Posted by jimthehat View Post
I wonder if you were there for the first year of woolverstone hall?
I still have the school photo which was taken at the back of the school in October 1951,its one of those old long photos ,and we looked a fine bunch of lads.
I think that 6 dorm was foretop div and the last hut on the front row far left.
I was a buglar,tried for the band but was hopeless.

Jim ferrier(haggis)

Always wanted to be a drummer, but didn't have the nerve to try!

Loved the band, especially on Divisions, playing " On the Quarterdeck " , and the march down to the church. Can also remember the church services and the boring sermons when we got up to various tricks to pass the time.

On another tack, there was a stocky lad called Tribe in our Dorm, and I seem to remember him getting involved in a punch-up or two. Do you recall the name?
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