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Cruise on Nevasa.

Sailed on Nevasa in 1968 (or maybe 69) from Liverpool - school trip St. George's Middle School in Wallasey. Sailed to Funchal, Madeira then on to Oran. Then to Cadiz. As the ship sailed (at night) from Cadiz bound for Lisbon I remember waking up suddenly because the engines had stopped. There was a problem with the engines which resulted in us being towed back to Cadiz where we spent an extra day or two instead of going to Lisbon. All the kids cheered as the Captain announced this over the tannoy because we had enjoyed ourselves in Cadiz and didn't really care about going to Lisbon. The story was picked up by (amongst others) the Liverpool Echo - I still have the newspaper cutting about schoolchildren on stricken ship.

The cruise was a fantastic experience. I remember our Master at Arms - a guy called Snowy White. Anyone else remember him? Also the food was fantastic. Only unpleasant thing was loads of kids being sick as we crossed Bay of Biscay.

I still have a project I wrote when we came back and of course my logbook.

Very sad that the ship was scrapped.
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