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Hello Spansun,

I was on the Scandinavian cruise aboard the SS Nevasa in 1969. We were from a school in the West Midlands and boarded at Tilbury Docks before proceeding anti-clockwide around the British coast and then on to Bergen, Oslo, Stockholm and Amsterdam (I think!) I too remember the gale force 9 episode in the North Sea! I also remember not being sea-sick although many of my friends were! I must be very sad, but I remember with great fondness, the scrambled eggs on fried bread we had for breakfast. For years afterwards I tried to recreate it but never succeeded. I would love to meet the ships chef! Although I was only thirteen at the time, I remember being completely entralled by everything about that cruise. I was never quite sure of the year but I do remember the ships disco playing Mony Mony and that was released in 1969. My fondest memories are of the breathtaking scenery in the Norwegian Fjords, the fish market, Edvards Greigs house, the Viking museum and the Thor Heyerdahl expedition. Being chased by geese in Copenhagen Park, paying 17s 6d to replace my missing toothbrush! The regatta I was too chicken to take part in, and the fair which I think was in Amsterdam. Wonderful memories of a wonderful time aboard a beautiful ship. Pity she is still not around for my neice and nephew to experience. Instead they went to New York shopping and Canada skiing instead. Not the same is it?

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