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Nevasa Educational Cruise 1970

I was on the Hampshire schools Nevasa cruise to Lisbon, Naples, Greek Islands, Athens and Venice in November 1970. Wonderful memories with many friends, one of whom eventually became my wife eight years later. Nice to see (rather grainy) cine film of that very cruise on YouTube. What an elegant looking ship she was (Nevasa that is, not the wife!) .

We were in a dormitory (Anson??) where there was a sliding watertight door, opened by a handle that turned a rack and pinion arrangement; on the other side was a girls' dormitory, so we decided to open the door. Needless to say there was an indicator on the bridge to show that the door had been opened and we were rather quickly "taken in hand" by the dreaded Master at Arms. Lucky not to be keelhauled or flogged.

Best wishes


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