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An interesting note: on Saturday 13 February 2016 Reuters reported that Dubai Petroleum had had a gas leak at its offshore Fateh oilfield on Thursday 11 February 2016 in an area where a previous fire had occurred in 1975 (my preceding post applies). Quoting a Dubai Petroleum statement, state news agency WAM said (according to Reuters) the leak was dealt with immediately and in a safe manner, and operations have resumed.

I wonder if this is attributable to the well known gas bearing formation at about 4,000 feet in the middle of Fateh Field, the one that caused the 1975 blowout and fire to which I referred in a preceding post? Drilling through that zone has always had to be done very carefully, great care being taken to avoid almost inevitable blowouts by masterfully managing mud weights and getting the hole behind casing before drilling deeper.
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