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Dubai Offshore - early '70's

Fateh Field, used to work there in early '70's and occasionally wonder what happened to the 'storage system'?

At that time it consisted of 2 'hulks' - Maajma 1 & 2 (ex tankers with rear ends removed) and 1 later 3 Khazzan's underwater storage tanks
(inverted champagne glass shape)

K1 was originally a stand alone unit of approximately 500000bbls capacity that on surface appeared to be a stand alone tank of about 100bbls

K2 & K3 were added later and again of nominal 500000bbl capacity but each supporting process/pumping modules

K!.2 & 3 were interlinked with a Quarters platform

There 1 later 2 SBM's

At some stage the Maajma's were dry-docked/scrapped (may have had temporary replacements?)

AFAIK the Fateh is still in production but unsure of status of the Khazzans - K! was installed about 1969

Would appreciate any info

PZULBA - Out of Africa (Retired)
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