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Tugboat accident in Holy Loch Scotland UK

GOLFER8...Thank you for replying. I have since found out that the American ship was a submarine tender which tended to nuclear subs in the Holy Loch base there in the "USS Hunley". Maybe there was a hush up about it all because in the 60's there were protests about nuclear weapons etc. I am still unsure and just guessing that it was the Flying Dolphin tugboat. My father was always on the Flying Spray but that one night he stood in for a captain on this tugboat that was sick that night. Talk about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I remember the Strongbow tug, seemed a bigger tug than the rest. I remember crossing those gangplanks going over 3 tugs to get to my dads and it terrified me those planks without railings. But I would do it. In those days you could wander down to the dock at 7 yrs old to visit with your dad if his boat was in the harbor and come home with your pockets full of pennies and silver to buy sweeties. Those were the days! As I find out more I will post it.
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