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In Memory of Gerald SILVER . R.I.P. 14.12.14

To those who knew him way back in 1954-56 in MV RAKAIA cadet blogs on the Apprentice ship. I have recently had a letter from his wife Diane to say that he passed away after a long illness at home in Totara Napier NZ. aged 80. I spent time with him on board with another cadet- Sub.Lt JMF PRYNNE who was killed on flight training exercises Fleet Air Arm at RN BAWDY S.Wales in 1958 - he was only 21. I survive to tell the tale of good times when we were younger together. Incidentally JOHNNY used to play " FATZ" on the piano and was the original ships Scrap Book editor. ! Not a lot of people know that- the book would be worth a big fortune now ! Are you one of those who remember "THE" dock strike in NZ. which lasted 101 days?? ous lads made a fortune working ondeck.

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