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Originally Posted by David Beeston View Post
Charlie....long time since we last met & I only live just down the road from you!
I was 2/Eng on Alinda before, during & in Hamburg for the six weeks following the fire in Feb 1976....long time since we last sailed together on the Naticina....another fine ship but marred by a different incident this time in Lyme Bay with the Berge Duke. The Chief on Alinda was of course Coineach MacLeod from Lewis; the Old Man Albert Mario Tennant out of Dublin; Harry Tate was ? Parsons out of the Mersey later to become a Manchester Ship canal Pilot & who I believe may have contributed one of the photos of Alinda in the Gallery ? It certainly was a testing time.
Certainly has been a while David, I was only on the Alinda a few days I was hijacked on my way to join the Natty who was in dock there to get a couple of weeks sea time prior to mates, Capt refused to issue me a watch keeping certificate, eventually the C/O Perkins who was acting in command did it for the few days I was there. Mostly did finishing the discharge and tank cleaning, but my first job was to go through all the crew cabins and retrieve anything personal or valuable, mostly stuff like passports, photos etc It was surprising how much stuff in drawers had survived almost unharmed. Nasty job though, felt like prying.
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