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Originally Posted by Alan Rawlinson View Post
We were both at Woolverstone for the first term 1948, prior to you leaving. Do you have any recollections of Mick Mann or a lad called Keenan, both in 12 Dorm for that term? Later saw Mick Mann in Colombo in 1951 when we were berthed fore and aft in line in the harbour, Hazelbank and another one of the old timers - name not sure.
Cannot recall any names Alan except George Fitz-Costa whom I'm in touch with. He also went to Ganges 9 months after me. I went on Christmas leave 1948 and reported to Ganges on 4th January 1949. The only other name I vaguely recall is Needham? Mr Jones tried to teach me the clarinet. Because my hands were so small he even got hold of an 'E' flat one [the size of a piccolo] and wrote all the fingering on the music but unlike morse and all things Comms. I just could not get it so I ended up on the cymbals. Huge things for me, the wrist straps went twice round mine. Real good Turkish ones tho, rang on forever, supposed to have a quarter of a mile of brass wire in each. Arms sure ached by the time we arrived at the church.
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