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re Penrod 36 in 1977,

Nicco Koorn,

I was on the Penrod 36 as a diver with Sub Sea International in December of 77 and a few following months and have some photos of that I'll dig out. A three island gas platform, the divers' quarters in the topmost of two stacked portacabins right on one corner, 150 feet or so above the sea. One door of that was wired shut with a warning, "Dont Open!!!" The step out of that would have been to the sea. I was, like the other divers, also on the Penrod 57, 58, and 64, which were jackups, and I have photos of that, too. Shallow diving, then, only to a hundred feet when checking the bottom for scouring at the foot of jackup legs, but the current was very strong. Most of the bell deck of the 36 was without railings, and it was all poorly lit, and in high weather when we nevertheless dived, the tops of waves nipped the grating below our feet where the stage was set. The dive superintendant was Bob Ingham from Derby. You're Dutch, right? At that time and for the following year my wife and I had a townhouse in Loonen on the Vecht.
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