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Hi, Bob. By gum, you started young. You must have zipped through college. South Shields MN college would not take me until I was 16 - I had to pedal a coop errand boy's bike for a year first.
Pleased to hear your favourable comment on the memoir. Writing is a solitary business and feedback is scarce. I'm at 35k words with the sequel - that's about half way. For the cover, a local ex engineer and marine artist, Bill Wedgwood of Robin Hoods Bay has painted an image of my last ship, the Brocklebank 'Marwarri'. Sadly, (with about 300 others - folk had to stand outside the Methodist chapel) I was at Bill's funeral yesterday so he did not see it finished - though he had read everything I'd written so far (put me right on a couple of points too). Bill painted the cover for the one you have just read. It is the Dalton Hall - one of his ships.
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