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Did it happen with another ship?

Originally Posted by Jim S View Post
On the night of 16th March 1969 the container ship MANCHESTER COURAGE outward bound from Mnchester to Montreal collided with the lower gates at Irlam Locks. The lock system being breached lowered the level of the canal closing it for about 5 weeks, trapping a number of ships in the Manchester Docks.
MANCHESTER COURAGE was one of four 500teu. 12000 grt container ships built by Smiths Dock, Middlesbrough between 1968 and 1971.
Can anyone tell me the cause of the incident - was it a ship handling error or machinery control problem. I seem to recall that the ships were powered by Crossley-Pielstick diesel engines but may be wrong. Were they bridge controlled if so with Controllable Pitch Propellors or direct reversible engines.
I have read with interest the details above and other comments on this incident as it fits in with a project I am working on i.e. Accidents on the Manchester Ship Canal.
I recall, but can't give a date, that a M L on its maiden voyage from Manchester hit the gates of the Latchford Locks at Warrington.
I wonder if this was the same incident or was it "two for the price of one". I understood at the time of the incident that it was a bridge control fault as the new system malfunctioned. As with the details of the above vessel the lock was out of action for some time.
Can anybody help with clarification and information.
Thank you.
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