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Served my time with them and stayed until they were swallowed up by P&O a year after the rest of the companies which formed GCD by which time I was working my way up the Mates list. Like many small companies they were a good outfit to work for even if their run up the Gulf was not of the best.

The accomodation was generally good although the cabins were small by other companies standards and only the senior officers had en-suite facilities but the public rooms were deliberately large, their thinking being that there was nowhere to go up the Gulf (only four alongside ports when I joined and nowhere to go at two of them) so we had plenty of room for entertainment rather than being restricted to cabins. The older ships carried twelve or so passengeers so had a passenger saloon and lounge. These was carried on as the senior officer's saloon & lounge on the newer tonnage with no passengers until P&O took over.
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