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Originally Posted by Abbeywood. View Post
In the early '60's I sailed on the delivery voyage of the 'Rippingham Grange' to the ship-breakers of Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan.
On that voyage, of some seven months, I struck up a partnership with the R.O by the name of Ray Garrard. He originally came from Grays, in Essex, but was operating out of the 'pool' in Hong Kong.
At the completion of the delivery, the crew all flew back to the Colony where we all went our separate ways. However Ray and I booked into the MN hotel on the waterfront on the Island, dining in the China Fleet Club and fraternis- ing with the natives of Wanchai, for a week when we then parted, he to another ship, and myself back to the UK and to Houlder Brothers re-employ.
We kept in contact for quite a few years thereafter, during which Ray took a berth iin several Union ships and also got himself 'spliced' to a Filipino girl, and moved back to Hong Kong.
There after the trail has gone cold, but I would welcome any information as to his present whereabouts, bearing in mind that he would be about 75 years of age now, if still in the land of the living.
I wonder if any former Union employees ever met Ray in their travels and could thus throw some liight on my enquiries.
Pete' Lambert, I.O.W, UK
I sailed with Ray a couple of times in the late 70's and met him in NZ after that. There is a R Garrard listed in the NZ white pages in Auckland phone +64 9 5356460 may be worth a try!
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