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Part 3: conclusion
In adition to gathering meteorological data, the Ocean Weather Ships had secondary roles in providing air-sea rescue facilities for aircraft and shipping in distress and acting as navigational track points for transatlantic aircraft.
Aircraft could also be made aware of jet streams which are often associated with N. Atlantic low pressure systems and the active polar-front between the cold north-easterly air from the Arctic and the warm moist south-westerly flow from the tropics.
It is on record that a trans-atlantic aircraft, using a jet-stream ahead of a large low pressure system centered just south of Iceland, cut two and a half hours off its flying time by flying in that jet-stream.
Upper air measurements and research were also carried out by aircraft of Coastal Command and it was usually arranged that half way through its stay on station, an Ocean Weather Ship would receive a water-proof package of mail which was dropped by an aircraft upwind of the ship for its sea-boat to pick up.
In the summer in one Ocean Weather Ship on station India (59N.19W) off-duty crew played cricket! Stumps were set up on the forward end of the balloon shed and the bowler bowled the ball, from right aft by the counter, into the shed. The ball was tied on the end of a length of cord-line and fielders were spread out on the quarter-deck. Boundaries and sixes were frowned on; if the cord-line broke, the ball was lost at sea.
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