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Shell Helderline

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Sorry I mean't Shell Helderline not Shell Hellemund

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Fm Lucy Knight (ex Shell R/O)
I wasn't on the Alinda when she caught fire, but l joined at the end of her dry dock where she had been for 3 months near Athens (1976) being repaired. I think she was laid up for a month in Germany before that. All l the aft accomodation had been destroyed and repaired and the radio room midships had been used as the engineers changing room. The c/e was none too pleased when l took it over amending the ALRS and trying to clean it up. He told me it was the engineers changing room and l should be out sunbathing on the bridge. None of the gear had been switched on for months and their was no power available untill the sea trials in evening in the dark and it turned out to be only two phases reaching the radio room and bridge so the radars wouln't switch from standby to on.

Several of the officers had been there when the fire broke out. Bruce the purser, the chief officer. I think his name was Wilson. Both of the 4/es. I expect you know about the Shell Helemund site. The is a list of some of the people who sailed on the Alinda and l recognized the name of the 3/E l paid off with in Panama. I can't remember if he had been on when the fire broke out.
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