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!986 and all that

I agree with Geoff, I did get great training with BP something which stood me well in the years after 1986 but the whole thing and the way it was carried out left a long and bitter taste in my mouth.

How could a company lke BP agree to carry out such a thing without any consultation.
I actaully remained in the system for two years going to China Nav in 1998.

What happened "Two Grumpy" in my experience was that as far as the officers were concerned fell into three broad groups.
1) Some of those old enough got a full pension and took the oppertunity and retired early.
2) Some like me at 44 got an ex-gratia kind of pension but it was not enough to live on so stuck with the system until I could find something better.
3) Younger guys like a lot of engineers who had been sailing in a rank but holding superior certificates suddenly found there were a lot of companies who wanted to employ them in a rank matching their certificates and left.

In other words a lot of good guys left, and suddenly out of the wood work came people from all over, not of the best I have to say. What BP had not realised was that no one was worried anymore, everyone had been sacked what was the worst that could happen, you would be sacked!!!
Towards the end of my time with BP I sailed on the Gas Enterprise and remember on joining the ship for my 28 days to complete the gas endorsement that the C/E was the only ex BP man out of all the engineers.

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