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Originally Posted by neillg View Post
I once met a cook who had stayed on with the Agency, but said his leaves started getting longer and he could no longer afford the wait and came shoreside.

It was pretty evident that going down the Agency line was to placate the Government, and that further down the line we were going to be cast aside.
I recall a collision in the Channel with I think a River Boat and two or three crew were killed, and they were from West Africa.
The ship in question was "British Trent" - she was registered in Bermuda and had british and irish officers and a sierra leonne crew and 2 wives on board. she was outbound from anwerp in thick fog, loaded with a cargo of petrol for italy. she collided with "western winner" which was panamanian and crewed by s.koreans. she was carrying copper dross. A fire started which claimed 9 lives on the trent - she was subsequently declared a total loss and srapped in turkey. western winner proceeded to discharge and repair - there were no casualties. the inquiry blamed human error for the collision and the fatalities on the open lifeboats which offered no protection to the crew escaping the trent.
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