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I was home on leave, saw the news and got the phone call the next day. I suppose the writing was well on the wall but I got offered 2nd cooks job next trip with Wallems which was a compensation for me. I stuck it out until 89 when they sold the Security. It was'nt all bad under agency as long as you accepted your time was nearly up, what did annoy me was some ex BP men coming back who had actually left BP before the redundancies and found themselves back via agency and did nowt but twist and moan. Sailed with a PO on the Respect who had to be possibly the most bitter and twisted man, with a massive chip on the shoulder I've ever had the displeasure of sailing with, he spoilt that trip for a lot of people. Golden rule in life. 'If you don't like who you work for, LEAVE'.
Still had some good trips under agency it's just a shame it was allowed to go so Pete Tong.
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