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Longfellow. I am not up in Eastern block languages, they could well have been Polish. Russian/Polish you have totally missed the point that most people have made under the title of what happened in 1986. BP ceased to be the shipping company that nearly all the people here talk about, namely an owner operator of ships. BP is and never will be the company it once was by your admission it owns nothing and technically employs no one. I too an still working, as a mooring master in the Gulf of Mexico, it that capacity I board over approx 70 vessel a year and interface through my job with well over a hundred, believe me there is a big difference in staff employed by owner operators and angencies and the vessels they serve on. You can tell the difference just on the walk from the gangway to the accomodation. Agnecies are only interested in your ceretificate nothing else, they know you won't stay long but migrate to the next compay that offers promotion or a dollar more per day, the ships will be less well looked after because they might never see it again, especially the junior staff. I draw my BP pension every month and look back on happy days spent with great crews and well looked after by a company whose motto was " From the cardle to the grave with BP". They shattered that in 1986. So get real BP was the best run, most rpofessional company in the world. That company ceased to exist in 1986. Thankfully I work for an owner operator that is far larger than the regurgitated version of BP that exists today.
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