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Hall Brothers Steamship Company of Newcastle-on-Tyne

When I was on the m.v. Bretwalda in 1961/62, Hall Bros. SS Co. also owned one other tramp, m.v. Ambassador and a tanker m.v. Royal Crown. They did have one other ship in 1961, m.v. Royal Emblem but that was scrapped early in the year, before I sailed with them.

The company had a long history having started with sailing ships in the 1860s but went bust at the end of the 1970s.

The 'fleet' as it was when I sailed with them did not have a very good outcome. The Ambassador sank in the Atlantic a couple of years after I left her and the Bretwalda went on fire whilst in Greek ownership and had to be beached. Only the Royal Crown made to the end of a normal life and reached the scrapyard.

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