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I was reminded by the floor plan for Aulis, when I was there 1965/6 (went to see Dylan in the town with a mate who had a Lee Enfield Crusader Sports, second name Toombs, always called Sebastian after the Saint (?), the long corridor on the top floor was where we used to open the door and fling a Powerball (hard, high bounce rate) down the corridor as hard as we could, then shut the door and listen to it rattle up and down the corridor. A simple pleasure. That must have been when I was doing MAR (Mid apprenticeship release). I must have been there earlier as well, when I joined the company. I never got to Aberdovey (I really wanted to go), as they shipped me out fairly quickly. I can't imagine my very low skills was wanted for anything useful. I remember being interviewed, at the end Hutson, (I think), said "I can't say anything about your success with your application, but here is a set of Company buttons".
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