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Hi Sylvester, & GoGo. Good to hear from you. I'm ex Ocean Fleets... Nav Officer. Started at Aulis in 74 and left as 2/O in 83. I was one of the oganisers of the recent Ocean Trading and Transport Reunion in Bristol. Around 45 turned up to enjoy the weekend together. Age raging from 70 to late 50s.
Are you aware of the Blue Funnel, Elder Dempster and Ocean Tading Facebook pages. Lots of members on all of these. 1300 or more on the Blue Flue site. My email address is "[email protected]" if you want more info on what is going on. We are investigating setting up a membership society to embrace all ex OTT staff in progress . They are quite a few members on the Facebook sites from Malaysia and Singapore already. If you need help with the Facebook sites, let me know. Lots and lots of old photos there as well. All the best, Ross
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