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Originally Posted by Worldspan View Post
Of course, all ships had 500, 512 and 410 (the latter for DF but I never used it) and I seem to remember that the working frequencies were 480, 468, 454 and 425. Are these correct?

Was it the case that a ship with, say, an Oceanspan could transmit on all of the working frequencies but was permitted to use only two? I mean were just two frequencies allocated to each ship? And if it was two, were they always paired the same … perhaps 480 and 454? Or was a ship with a transmitter that had all of the working frequencies free to choose which one was best?

Memory lapse!

Thanks in advance. W
In the early sixties vessels I sailed on had only two working MF frequencies. On one vessel the transmitter had selectable LC oscillators as a back up to the crystals but unfortunately the inspector discovered that these had been retuned to the ‘missing’ working frequencies and adjusted them back to the original frequencies. The limit of two frequencies was frustrating as often a coast station after a traffic list would advise listening to a specific frequency, which you may not have,
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