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Originally Posted by docdiesel View Post
I sailed with Coe's between 89/91 (Left and came back) anybody else have memories of them.
Seemed a strange outfit looking back. Ships were all very old, yet the company had plush offices in Martins building Water St Liverpool.
The ships were manned down to the minimum, yet the office was top heavy with supers & staff. They were part of the Fisher group
I was on the Hawthorn German built about 67, Briarthorn (Ex Craigallion) quite new for Coe built about 79, Frirethorn 67, What a nightmare she was, she had a one off Storkwerkspoor engine i could spend hours talking on that alone.
I then sailed on the Redthorn an ex Cawoods can't remember her original name,
Now she was a work! up she originaly had a crew of 12. Coe's ran her with 6, 1 Engineer me! I seem to remember spending all my time doing ballast, the system being poor.
I also seem to remember whilst i was there, them buying a 1964 built tanker to convert into a bitumen carrier
sailed as chief on the maythorn and firethorn in the 70s . the firethorn was pure luxury compared to the maythorn
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