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Andoni - Katsina.

Originally Posted by tanker
PALM LINE is a very interested company in the great era inthe 1950-60
the company were composed of 24 cargo ships and very good colours:
HULL:dark grey with red boot-topping
FUNNEL:green with black top and green palm tree on white disc and band.
best regards
Hi, good ships, I worked on the Andoni and Katsina late 50s, creek work Andoni, Katsina and Kano too big, by the way, painted overside many a time, Hull: dark grey 2 - 3 metres of green then red boot topping, masts, mast housings and derricks etc were brown but later photos show them as cream, any idea why the change, query on info left about the fleet in 53, I never knew of a Opudo Palm, there was an Opobo. Cheers to all.Ken.
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