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My youngest granddaughter, (Lydia, 9) was looking through my Discharge Books and suddenly said, "Dada, who is this lady?".

Instant panic as I imagined she'd found a rather risqué picture I'd put in there and forgotten!!

"Let's have a look", says I and looking at the photo, the memories flooding back, was a picture of "Ivy".

"Ivy" and I had a bit of a 'thing' between us and, whenever I walked into 'Isiah's' and she spotted me she'd 'disengage' from whoever she was talking-to and head for me.

She would be my 'partner' for the length of our stay in Cal!

Turned the photo over and, along with, "To Phil, all my love, Ivy" was the imprint of her lips where she'd kissed it.

"Ivy", should she still be around, will be, like me, in her 80's now!!

Memory's, memory's!!! Phil
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