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Some of the other names that I remember are Stan Child, a lovely man from Bridlington I think, also of course Charlie Mckenzie and Banjo Jones.
Of the younger guys, I had many good nights with Ian Hodson, Cliff Wilkinson, Graham Rudd, Bob Taylor (i,m on a roll now)
Can anyone remember Spike Arkley the bosun? If so what about the incident in Southampton on the Table Bay..............????? I will say no more at the moment.
I never really enjoyed the voyages on the Bloo Floo ships to the Far East, I was always a fan of 'The coast' Perhaps it was the Dawson sisters or any of the other 'attractions' I dont know.
Somewhere at home I have some of the crew lists that OCL used to print, I always remember looking out for my mates and thinking " oh sh1t, he's not going to get on with that bvgger" or " he'll have a great time with so and so"
Yes, happy days indeed, not one regret and I dont recall one bad word (apart from Captain Short leaving me behind in Fremantle on the Jervis) I had a couple of bad words that day!
Dougie Dines, Vic Peters, Alan Eggleton, there will be more i,m certain.
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