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Originally Posted by woodend View Post
They were a great class of tug and great fun to drive. Spent many a happy shift on the THW, CFK, TE,ESS and the OS. A good team of stokers and they were great to handle. Let the steam drop and they soon became sluggish and difficult. One of the funniest sights I remember was on a very busy but beautiful day in Cape Town when Master of the DANIE HUGO, we were hurrying from the Old Dock to the New Dock to assist as cant line tug to a VLCC sailing from the Landing Wall. There was this VLCC with a diminutive THW under the bow and Pilot Dammerall saying over the radio: 'Come on WATERMYER PUSH!' He had backed her away from the berth and now had to turn through 180*. Needless to say up went our cant line and between us made short work of it. Memories of ships and people........!
Thanks, John. Tell me, did you find any differences between the sisters (apart from us down below?) I have heard some say they preferred the JXM to the THW but I knew a THW man who would have nothing good said about the JXM! Also the CFK and the TE were slightly lighter. Did that make a difference that you noticed?
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