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Originally Posted by jimthehat View Post
Not a Brocks man, but I was third mate on Bank Lines Isipingo and we had many weeks swinging around the Hook at Sandheads,then it was up the river to the grand kiddapore docks where we had another month or so, lucky we had the Calcutta swimming club to fall back on after we got fed up with the delights of Chowringi.
In those days I think that everything got discharged into the dock and river, what was the name of the box toilet that was slung over the stern for the dockers?was it the thunder box?

Thanks, Jim. The swimming club was a relief - cool drinks around the pool. Amazingly, still restricted to Europeans in 57. Do you recall if Isipingo was anchored with all the rest waiting at Sandheads that 1957 Monsoon season? Such small details do help a story.
I'm obliged to have your recall of the waste water arrangements. I expect such would be unlawful these days.
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