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Originally Posted by Riccarton View Post
When we finally got to Calcutta, Maihar moored in the Hoogly opposite the Calcutte swimmung club, before later moving to Kidderpore Docks.
Did two trips with Cliff,1957/58 and a third in 1959 on Maihar's 100th voyage.
I was 1st R/O on Mahsud, Matheran, Martand and Elizabeth Holt deep sea.
Also on Media, Parthia and other Cunard ships in the summers I was at college.
Thanks for that, Riccarton. I had wondered if you might be the bright chief r/o I sailed with on Mahronda Aug- Dec 1959. I wish I could recall his name. The company entrusted him with a box of early transistors to design a semi- automatic Morse key, among other things. He was Scottish, and had brought his bagpipes to sea. In a bar in Brownsville, Texas, the owner served us free drinks so long as the piper stood in the corner and played. Cutomers flocked in - when we arrived there were only a couple of quiet drinkers.
But, sadly, I don't recall his name.

I'm writing a memoir chapter on Kidderpore. Another void in my venerable brain concerns the cargo we discharged at Calcutta. I vaguely remember crates of radios but nothing else just now. Any recollections as to cargo, anyone? Once the grey matter is triggered, things do return after a fashion.
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