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Originally Posted by Cam Carter View Post
Hi Ron, I came across your post researching my ancestry. We have always been told my Great Grandfather died in a shipwreck off the Western Australian coast somewhere taking horses to India. The closest shipwreck matching the description I can find so far is the Fortunatus. I have found information saying the crew and passengers were rescued and taken to Mauritius. However, I have also found an old newspaper saying one fireman was missing. I'm wondering if this might be my Great Grandfather. I'm hoping you or someone else might know how I could find a crew list for the Fortunatus on that trip or the name of the missing fireman. The year 1907 matches with his death. Thanks Cam.
Don't think that was where your Grandfather was lost, my information shows that although a fireman was initially missing (did not abandon with the rest of the crew) he was later picked up by another ship. I would be more than happy to share my research if you want to message me.
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