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The Palm Line Man

Now this is Nostalgia!

The Palm Line Man
By Jason Davis and John Seed
Africa Palm.
Takoradi, West Africa 1958

It's always damp and never dry,
around us weirdies always fly.
Mosquitos are the biggest pest,
they give the Palm Line man no rest.

Still, mossies, mangoes work is done,
while the seamen cook beneath the sun.
No relief from breeze or fan,
but care he not that Palm Line man.

We'll soon be safely all at sea,
or else the bows right in a tree.
With sextant, ruler and a map.
But care he not the Palm Line chap.

Away at sea the Kroo boys gone,
we'll soon be home, it wont be long.
The log wharf Hamburg will soon be here.
This Palm Line man's getting out his gear.

But care he not that Palm Line bloke
from jungle mist to London smoke.
And right back to the coast again.
A Palm Line man back in the rain.

But care he not the Palm Line man,
he'll do it again if he can.
Mossies, mangoes, creeks and flies,
he'll be down the coast until he dies

That poor old Palm Line man.

For a fortnight it will rain,
but he'll be down the coast again.
He'll wear his shorts through it all,
this Palm Line man, his brain is small.

Natives from canoes shout 'dash me'
while from the boat deck cries of 'flash me!'
Crews are generous beyond all doubt,
but the Palm Line man gives nothing out.

He's been to Dakar, Lagos, Warri,
now he's really feeling sorry.
We've got another port, Abidjan.
But care he not the Palm Line man

And down the Congo to Matadi,
goes the poor old Palm Line laddie.
Where Belgian pilots scream and bellow
a Palm Line man thinks 'tis the coast, poor fellow'.

Tiko with a mountain high
where in a creek a ship lays by.
Bringing up logs by the score,
a Palm Line man, he wants no more.

The Kroo boys do a lot of work
but we are sure they'd rather shirk.
Where would we be without Kroo boy?
Palm Line man's pride and joy.

In the heat with sugee bucket
A seamans thought 'Ah well, I'll chuck it'.
But soon he'll start the homeward trek,
A Palm Line man, or a nervous wreck.
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