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Originally Posted by A.D.FROST View Post
The 3cyl. only had a side lever scavenge pump and were in the middles and could not be seen from the tops(as in the photo).The photo. shows the back of the engine tops(no hoses and protection covers).So the mystery deepens.(Center scavenge pump cowlings are much higher than the tops).
A.D.F and other readers
I fully agree with your sight on the situation
So I asked Derek again, with a sketch, where I showed the direction of the yoke (transverse beam) in red, that it was NOT a Lever Driven Scav. pump.
Here was his answer:

Hi Alfons

The Bela had the lever type scavange pump. The six cylinder Norwegien Doxford had the crank driven pump. The Bela engine was basically laid out as shown. I think that the perspective in the photo is confusing. The top of the pump was lower than it appears. Unfortunately the old photographs are beginning to fade and are not in very good condition now.

I'm not certain about the horsepower but I think that it was around 3000. I could be wrong though. It was almost 60 years ago. I remember that it was similar to the much larger six cylinder B&W four stroke. Much against my wishes I had to give up the sea after 2 1/2 years because my father wanted me to help him start up a Motor and General Engineering business.

I give up now!
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