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Hi Artie,
Yes I am from Hull,Scarborough St, followed by St.Georges Rd. then Priory Rd.
Went to sea in 1949 after 3 years Trinity House.
Left Hull 1959 after joining the RAF,now living in Nottinghamshire about as far away from the sea as you can get.
Its true though, the sea never leaves you..
First ship was Moorcot,Hull to Port Pirie,63days.Didn't see home again for 18 months, but covered a hell of a lot of world.
Trouble is at my age you tend to forget the names of all those shipmates of long ago until someone reminds you.
In those days the regular pubs used were The Monument,Whitefriargate,
Blue Heaven,Marfleet,and the one under Burtons,and the BOT Exam Centre in town.
Usually followed by City Hall on a Saturday night.
I remember the Borodino had a cycling club run by Laurie Kohler the Bo'sun, he called it the Wheelers.We covered pubs from Hull to Hornsea.
Great Days.


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