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I only just found this site recently
I sailed on the Hardwicke Grange during 1972 as J/E
The accident of the Royston was a great shock which a have never forgotten
A few weeks after the incident we arrived in Montevideo she was a terrible sight
Along with C/E Bomber Harris and a couple of engineers we went aboard with a local Suveyor. The engine room was really only smoke damaged, we started the donkey engine for compressed air and then one of the main generators the running light came on on the main switch board but we went no further. It was left with the local Suveyor who I believe wanted to to start the bilge pumps to put her upright
I have several photos
On the Hardwicke we had wreaths which were later taken to the Cemetery which we visited 9AAA031C-6869-4F99-B4B7-7BE6FB912B1E_1547125335591.jpg
On leaving Montevideo we laid a wreath at the spot of the collision F4FADCB8-D80F-4C74-9A28-7589BB106C5A_1547125750803.jpg
Over the years I have visited All Hallows Church by the Tower of London a few times to see the Memorial Window there to those who died4D926DDF-380F-4558-85A8-7281919CDADA_1547126000739.jpg
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